Coaching and Counseling Services

Welcome to a unique family practice. For anyone who feels isolated, anxious, and hopeless, Joseph’s message is “You belong. There is hope!” Specific information about sessions and rates can be found on the FAQ PAGE.


Family struggles? Are you trying to discern whether or not you have a substance abuse problem? Recent DUI? Self-medicating to address a struggle in your life or to enhance your life? Do you know that you have a problem and are not sure what to do next? Being aware of whether or not you have an addiction problem is where this all starts and Joe can help you come to your own conclusion.

For those that know they have a problem, it can be overwhelming. The terror of addiction causes so much pain for the individual and those around them. Feelings of isolation, hopelessness and hurt can begin to be solved tonight. Joseph wants to work with you to restore you to the person that you truly are. Having walked his own path to sobriety, Joseph can speak from experience and understanding. While the feelings, emotions and damage caused by addiction feel like it will never go away, there are solutions and support to navigate through them.


Family members of a loved one suffering from addiction need a place they can turn to. We will develop a plan of action for you that holds your loved one accountable for their behaviors and guides them toward making the decision to enter a treatment program. Sessions can be arranged to meet weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Location options for the sessions can be arranged for in office, your home, or web-based.

Individuals suffering from addiction or questioning whether or not they have a substance abuse disorder can schedule sessions to meet weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. Objectives would include: determining whether or not you have an addiction problem, harm reduction, and complete abstinence. Location options for the sessions can be arranged for in office, your home, or web-based.


Families need support systems that go beyond what traditional treatment centers can offer. Whether separately or with your loved one, it’s time to work together when there seems like there is no way out. Joseph has had the privilege of seeing and experiencing families make incredible changes for the better.


An intervention is a structured opportunity to make changes before things get even worse. Keys to a successful intervention are love, compassion, the right preparation, and a commitment to work together. They can happen as quickly or slowly as you like. Joe is prepared to join forces today to help you and your family stop suffering now.


Audiences can range from employees, church members, select staff, community organizations, to school systems, as no one is immune from encountering addiction on any level. This is a great way to introduce or dive deep into various topics such as: identifying addiction, ending enabling patterns, common pitfalls, restorative practices, proactive communication, learn the psychology behind addictive behaviors while providing the necessary support for anyone on the path of recovery.  Please use the contact page so we can create a presentation to be right-sized for your organization.