Fee Schedule: Have in the frequently asked section:

I do full one-hour sessions, which includes time for payment and scheduling your next appointment.  The rate is $100/hour.  Aetna clients pay less of a rate because I am in-network with Aetna and they reimburse me for full one-hour sessions.

I offer a sliding scale from $65 to $200 for private pay clients. —The rates above depend on your presenting verification of your income (your last U.S. Tax return is best).

I also offer a three month and six month commitment rate if we agree to work together.

Interventions are based on a slideing scale fee as well as the size of the intervention.

Payment Methods

You can pay me the day of our session via cash, or check.   For all services, payment is expected on the date of service.  You will be assessed a $1.00 penalty fee for each day that payment is delayed.

Services Provided:

I offer individual sessions which incorporate principles of both Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction, or clients can just opt for Spiritual Direction work.  I call this Transpersonal Transformation, because we can work on the psychological ego issues, as well as teaching you about your deeper nature as Awareness.