If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, you may be riding a rollercoaster of emotions–worry, fear, confusion and guilt. There may be shame as well. What happens if the neighbors or anyone else finds out? Consequently, you do everything you can, on your own, to help your loved one. If you are putting out fires daily, it’s difficult to think about or put in place a plan for a long-term solution, leading you to think there is no way out. The maddening thing about addiction is that no matter how much we love someone, sometimes our best intentions and best efforts may actually hurt their chances for recovery. We all need help and support in this struggle. A Step Out Of Darkness offers practical instructions on how to develop an action plan that holds your loved one accountable for their behaviors and guides them toward making the decision to enter a formal treatment program.
Once a loved one enters treatment, the most frequently asked question is, “What is the best way to support them?” This book offers practical advice on how to walk with someone through treatment and details common pitfalls awaiting a person in recovery and their families.

10% of all book sale profits will benefit The North Penn Valley Boys & Girls Club and other local charities.

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Simple suggestions and great tips!
“Very easy read, outlined everything step by step from what is an intervention, to what is a ‘level of care’, how to navigate insurance nightmares and advocate for loved ones. The book was to the point, Provided practical suggestions and contact information if you need more help. I’d recommend it to family and friends in need! Good resource.”

-Trish N.

Better Than a Self Help Book

“This book is truly an awesome read. It is totally comprehensive and includes an answer to every possible question someone might face in this situation. This is a very necessary book that is long overdo. It takes the reader from A to Z — where and what to do next. There is a lot of feeling from the author written behind each page.”

-Helene M.

Easy read with Love

“As a reader you can tell the author writes from his heart. This is an easy read and to the point. Recovery is not just for the addict but for all those who love the individual.”

-Janie S.